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Downtown San Diego real estate. Wonderful site offers thorough info on downtown condos for living and investments. Bat Masterson - Wikipedia

Wyatt Earp is in Nome City; Jim Earp is in San Francisco; and Virgil Earp, my father, is living in Kirkland, Ariz., where I saw him last winter. Ghost Tour in Gaslamp San Diego - Optimizing Adventure What our ghost tour in the historic Gaslamp Quarater of San Diego was like. We learned spooky stories and the abundant history of this part of San Diego. About Wyatt Earp Usual check values were 50 cents to $10 each. Dodge City, Kansas - Wikipedia Built from area limestone in 1881, it is the oldest building in the city still standing at its original site. [95] Other historical landmarks include: El Capitan, a life-sized bronze sculpture of a Texas Longhorn steer built to commemorate …

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Mary Katherine Horony-Cummings (born as Mária Izabella Magdolna Horony, November 9, 1849 – November 2, 1940), also known as Big Nose Kate, was a Hungarian-born prostitute and longtime companion and common-law wife of Old West gunfighter Doc … Deadwood, South Dakota - Wikipedia At its height, the city had a population of 5,000, and attracted larger-than-life Old West figures including Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok (who was killed there). History - Test | San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Though the Gaslamp Quarter Association was officially chartered in 1982 by the City of San Diego under State Law, the Gaslamp Quarter’s Merchant Association goes back several decades and the historic commercial district that would become … Who Was Wyatt Earp? | American Heritage

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Doc Holliday - Wikipedia Earp visited the saloon of his old friend from Cheyenne, John Shannsey, and met Holliday at the Cattle Exchange. [72] The story of Holliday killing Bailey first appeared nine years after Holliday's death in an 1896 interview with Wyatt Earp … Stingaree, San Diego - Wikipedia

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Earp speculated in San Diego's booming real estate market. [12] Between 1887 and around 1896 he bought three saloons and gambling halls, one on Fourth Street and the other two near Sixth and E, all in the "respectable" part of town. [12] …

Wyatt Earp’s Alaskan Adventure - True West Magazine After their investments in downtown San Diego soured and Wyatt’s reputation took a beating in a prizefighting scandal in SanLocal newspapers in Seattle and San Francisco noted the Earps’ return. San Francisco’s TheOther boats carried dismantled theatres, gambling halls, saloons, hotels and... Wynonna Earp cast are heading to San Diego... |… Wynonna Earp will have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con International on Saturday, July 23 at 2:30PM although the room it will be held in has yet to be announced.Below is a list of information of what we know so far: Last Updated-14/7/16 When will San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 take place? Wyatt Earp - Desert Lawman - Saloon Owner - DesertUSA Wyatt Earp is best known as the fearless frontier lawman of Wichita and Dodge City, Kansas, andBut the Marshall Earp of legend accounted for only about 5 years of Wyatt's long and eventful life.His lifelong passion for mining, gambling and sports led him from one boomtown to another across... The Trial of Wyatt Earp: A Chronology

Museum Store - Wyatt Earp Josie Earp This reavealing photo of Josie Earp was probably taken in Tombstone and indicates that she was probably a dance hall girl or such. Few women posed this way in the1880s. Author Glen G. Boyer used this photograph on the cover of Josie's biography, which he edited and entitled I Married Wyatt Earp. Price $9.95 plus shipping and handling.